Montessori Pedagogy

Montessori pedagogy is the “education of and for the child”. It is a worldwide, internationally recognised educational approach. Montessori establishments can be found in all parts of the world.

This educational approach is focused primarily on the psychological and intellectual needs, aptitudes and abilities of the individual child and is not based on the preconceived standards and perceptions of the adults.

The pedagogy of Maria Montessori observes people in general, regardless of age, social-cultural groups and religious-ideological affiliations. The wide spectrum of her educational practical advices, methods and materials enables the concrete sensorial exploration as well as active hands-on and independent learning.

Through the variety of material from Maria Montessori – the exercises of practical life skills, the training of the senses, the development of language, the structure of mathematical minds and cosmic education, it has been proven until today and supported by modern educational research and genetic psychological development, that the demand & need for a holistic learning approach has to be implemented in practise.

As part of the  Regional Association of Northern Bavaria we live the Montessori Pledge, and accept the position paper as a mandatory basis for our work.

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