Half-day After School Supervision

After regular school hours, the children will be supervised by 2 pedagogic trained personnel as well as two staff members during the after school program. The head of the after school supervision program, Lea Koopmann, works closely with the pedagogic team. The educational aspect of the after school program is based on the Montessori concept.

  • Hours: After regular school hours until 14.00 hrs.
  • Educational objectives: To continue with the Montessori Educational approach. Switching between individualised leisure activities and guided projects. Interaction with the pedagogic team.
  • Schedule:
    • Students’ choice of play activities, if possible outdoors.
    • 12.30-14.00 hrs: lunch and play activities (at prescribed times).
  • Group: Flexible grouping from all grades.
  • Monthly fees without lunch:
    • 1-day  contract : 15 €
    • 2-days contract: 23 €
    • 2-days contract: 23 €
    • 3-days contract: 30 €
    • 4-days contract: 35 €
    • 5-days contract: 40 €
  • Hot lunch: We offer a delicious lunch catered from “Time Out” of Herzogenaurach. The lunch can be booked together with the signing of the after school program. When lunch is booked, please take note that to ensure your child has enough time for lunch, the pickup time is after 14.00 hr. When you have not booked lunch, please remember to pack lunch/snacks for your child.
  • Monthly fees with lunch :
    • 1-day contract : 26 €
    • 2-days contract: 45 €
    • 3-days contract: 63 €
    • 4-days contract: 79 €
    • 5-days contract: 95 €
  • Contractual agreement: Termination is only possible at the end of school year.

Telephone number for the After School Program: 09132 730857



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