School Transport

Our students come mostly from Herzognaurach and the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt, but also from the neighbouring districts and municipalities. This raises the question of the best way to travel to and from the school.

How do our students come to school?

On foot, by roller/scooter or bicycle.

This is the preferred choice for our students who live not too far from the school. And as the students get older, it becomes more interesting to be able to travel independently-if this is possible.

Public transportation.

The journey by public transport is a good possibility. The public bus no. 275 stops directly in front of our school. For those coming from Erlangen, the bus no. 201 stops at the Niederndorfer Church. Further bus routes are available at

Private vehicles /PKW

We have many families who are coordinating to form car-pools. This saves time and money. In our bi-weekly school newsletter “Monte Aktuell”, you can get in touch with other parents for car-pooling.

Is there a reimbursement for transportation to school?

Our leaflet on school transport “Merkblatt zur Schülerbeföderung”contains all the necessary information regarding reimbursement of school transport cost. Background: The amendment in the School Funding Law (Schulfinanzierungsgesetzes) on 1st August 2011 lead to changes in the reimbursement of the school transport cost. Instead of a full reimbursement of the cost in accordance with previous regulations of the State of Bavaria, we now receive a lump sum per student. This is 126 EUR per student with slight increases in the coming years.

For most families, the reimbursement will be less than before. We will bring up this worse-off status during the review talks about the change in the law - of course with the hope of achieving an improvement. However, since the School Funding Law for private school students has no provision for reimbursement of school transport cost in general, discussion regarding this is difficult.

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