School Rules of the private Montessori School of the “Montessori Förderkreis Herzogenaurach e.V.”

Our school rules /Schulordnung serve as the code of conduct governing our school life. They also define our core values and are detailed in our Core Values & Conduct Statement. The latest statement as of 26th September 2012 was developed jointly by the academic team, management, school managing committee and the parents’ council and was adopted on 10th October, 2012.


Our School is a community where

  • violence has no place.
  • we learn together productively and can thereon develop ourselves.
  • we appreciate each other and show great respect to each other.

 In our School, everyone has the right

  • to be accepted as they are.
  • to express their opinion.
  • to be assisted.
  • to voice & to resolve their problems.

 Therefore, we have the following essential rules for our conduct in School.

Conduct in our social interaction with each other.

  1. I am nice and polite to my schoolmates, to my teachers, to the parents and to animals.
  2. I greet everyone pleasantly.
  3. I hurt no one, neither physically nor literary.
  4. I help out when someone needs it.
  5. I do not exclude anyone.
  6. I do not offend anyone.
  7. I do not laugh at anyone.
  8. I do not make unkind remarks about anyone.
  9. I do not compare anyone with me or with others.
  10. I do not steal anything and not from anyone.

Conduct in the School community.

  1. I observe the rules within the School community.
  2. I conduct myself quietly and do not run inside the school building.
  3. I wear my house shoes inside the school building.
  4. I am careful when I am using the school facilities and learning materials.
  5. I do not wreck the work & creation of others.
  6. I do not dirty or smear the furniture & walls.
  7. I leave the toilets in a clean & neat environment.
  8. I do not chew chewing gum inside the school building as well as within the school grounds.
  9. I tidy up the materials the way I would like to find them.

Conduct during lessons.

  1. I do not disturb anyone during his/her work.
  2. I put my hand when I need help or wish to speak.
  3. I wait until I am called and do not speak before then.
  4. I do not interrupt anyone when he/she is speaking.

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