Project: New School Building Construction

Our Montessori School-Herzogenaurach is growing steadily. Since the school year 2012-2013, there is the secondary/middle school until Grade/Year 8 and from 2014 after the construction of the new school building on-going classes until Grade/Year 10 are planned. Then there should 190 students who can develop freely following the educational principles ( and their further evolution) of Maria Montessori .

The extension from the construction makes the current ‘L’ building shape into a ‘U’. With the 2-storey extension to the existing building, the school gains an additional area of 1,437 sq.m. The official ground-breaking ceremonywas on 16th October 2012 and was planned by the architects from “Architekurbüro Babler & Lodde”. The construction of the building is undertaken by the contractor “ Bauunternehmen GS Schenk”. The state of Bavaria is sponsoring EUR 2,767,200 of the infrastructure cost. The total investment will amount to approximately EUR 4 million. The expected completion date is scheduled for November 2013.

We would like to invite you to have an overview of our “big project”:

A report about our school and the school expansion can be viewed in the 1st edition, December 2012 of the 91074 series of Herzo TV at

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