Talent Hours

Parents’ participation and involvement are the foundation pillars of our school. Next to adhering to the fundamental ideas and principles of Maria Montessori, the collaboration between the parents and the school is especially important for the school.

In addition, as we are a private school, we are very reliant on the parents’ participation. The parents, through their vital involvement, contribute to an easy-going and relaxing school community.

Upon enrolment, every family is committed to undertake a minimum of 40 volunteer hours per school year, referred to as “Talent”. For single parents, the minimum commitment is reduced to 20 hours. Based on your interests, you can chose from various tasks for your commitment e.g. by joining a “Parents’ Task Group/ Arbeitskreis” (Art & Craft, AK Garden, AK Computer etc.), compilation of material, repairs, assisting in events, aiding the children in projects, chaperoning field trips and other activities.

Do not be overwhelmed: Volunteering can also be fun.

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