Parents’ Task Groups

Our school thrives on the active participation of the parents. It may sound daunting at first (“Do I have to put in a lot of time & effort?”) but it is not. Firstly, your time spent will be manageable (see “Talent Hours”), and most important, you will have fun! Peruse through our task groups listed here and try-out an orientation session with any of them. You will see that although there is some effort involved, you will enjoy doing it and will have the pleasure of developing new contacts and as well as enriching yourself through these experiences.


Art and Crafts Group

Contact person Carola Schwab

The Art & Crafts group is not a closed / fixed group and everyone is welcome to attend any of the workshops (which will be announced beforehand). The workshops create the varied & beautiful crafts which are for sale at the fairs & bazaars. During the Christmas season, the crafts work sessions & Christmas Bazaar (Adventsmarkt) are traditionally organised by the new parents and of course, with the strong support of the experienced crafters from the group.



Contact person: Werner Schmidgruber

The AK Computer takes over the responsibility of the installation and maintenance of the computers including the software & programs for the classes and serves as a support & troubleshooting team. In addition, the group is planning the IT-Infrastructure during the on-going extension phase of the school.


Decor Group

Contact person: Martina Kraus

The Decor Committee decorates the entrance hall and part of the multi-purpose room appropriately to welcome the seasons and festivals. A cache of decorating supplies is readily available and of course, new decor ideas & crafts are welcomed.


Material Support Group / Cosmic Education (Kosmische Erziehung)

Contact persons: The respective class teachers &/or their pedagogic assistants.

Parents can help/support in the compilation of Montessori-Materials for the class lessons or in the development and maintenance of the cosmic area.


Public Relations (AKÖ)

Contact person: Jessica Forster, contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The AKÖ group organises & produces everything that is related to the presentation and publicity of the school to the public. Information booths, book stalls, press releases, lectures & talks, stands in non-school events, contacts with other Montessori Associations in Middle Franconia, designing & producing pamphlets, posters, mobile panels and this website that you see before you.


School Garden

Contact person: Anna-Carolina Kröner

Upkeep of the school garden.



The AK Feste springs into action for the various events and festivals during the school year e.g. welcoming the First Graders (Einschulung), Christmas Bazaar (Adventsmarkt), Open House Day (Tag der offenen Tür) etc. Helpers are needed e.g. for the seating arrangements and kitchen duty.



Contact person: Susan Scheurer, Margarethe von Twickel.

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